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How to Prepare for your AMTC Audition



AMTC is part of God’s movement in media. It’s clear bad is bold in entertainment. We believe good must be bolder. For more on why we do what we do, check out Why Go? on AMTC’s main website,

What is AMTC?

Actors, Models and Talent for Christ is a non-profit ministry with a mission to find, develop and launch God’s talent. Through a unique faith-based education program called The Bridge, AMTC teaches performers how to become positive role models in the entertainment industry. Our launching pad is the international SHINE Conference, now in its 33rd year.

What VIPs attend the international SHINE Conference?

The AMTC SHINE Conference in Orlando is attended by 60-100 of the top Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, and Music Industry Professionals in the world—from both Christian and mainstream media. For more information, take a look at the VIP Section of our main website:


What are you looking for?

AMTC is looking for actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians (ages 4 and up) who want to multiply the talents God gave them for His glory.

What happens at the audition?

The AMTC audition is more than an audition. It’s an insider look at the entertainment industry as a mission field. After the information session, auditions begin. The entire process usually takes 3-4 hours. *Video and photography are prohibited.

How will I perform?

Actors prepare a 20-30 second monologue, or read a script provided by AMTC.
Models walk for our Scout. Special shoes are unnecessary. Stay natural.
Singers prepare a 20-30 second song without accompaniment. (Exceptions: songwriters may bring guitars or keyboards.)
Dancers prepare a 20-30 second choreographed routine. (Bring music and your own speakers.)
Comedians prepare a 20-30 second stand up routine.

If I receive a callback, what happens next?

If you receive a callback from AMTC, you will be invited back the next day for registration, as well as your initial talent consultation. Your preparation through The Bridge Training Program for the international SHINE Conference begins. *If you are traveling a distance, plan to stay the extra day if possible.

What if I don’t receive a callback?

You will receive an email notification with other options and advice.

Can I audition in more than one talent?

Yes. You are encouraged to audition in all talents given to you by God: acting, modeling, singing, dance, stand up (or all five).

If my primary interest is not acting, do I have to read a script?

Yes. Everyone must perform a script. Acting is the foundation of the entertainment industry. We don’t expect you to be a pro, but we do expect your best effort. You can download an AMTC script, prepare a short monologue (30 seconds), or get a script on site.

Can groups perform?

Singing or dancing groups are welcome to audition as an ensemble. However, we will also want to see you individually. Group size maximum is four. *We do not audition full bands.

Will my audition be private or in front of a group of people?

Both options are offered.

Is my child ready to audition?

In addition to talent and desire, the most important attributes for children in entertainment are an outgoing personality and unusual maturity. Your child must be at least 4 years old. (Occasionally, AMTC will accept an exceptional 3 year old.)

Is there a fee to audition?

There is no fee to audition. However, those who receive a callback will have an opportunity to benefit from AMTC’s programs. For more details, check out this FAQ on AMTC’s main website


What should I wear to the audition?

Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes—nothing dressy, nothing sexy. Keep your appearance fresh and clean. The industry likes a clean slate. So do we.

Should I bring a parent?

We encourage teens and adults to bring both parents, a spouse, or anyone who loves you and is interested in your future.

Is there an application to fill out?

We encourage you to fill out the AMTC audition application online, print it, and bring it with you. If you forget it or are unable to print it, you can fill one out on site.

Do I need to bring a picture or resume?

If possible, bring a snapshot and/or resume we can keep. *We may take an additional photo on site with your AMTC audition number.

Should singers or dancers bring costumes?

Singers and dancers should not wear costumes or any special makeup.

Can I bring babies and toddlers?

The minimum age to audition is 4. The AMTC audition is fun, but serious. If your children are too small to sit quietly for an hour, please leave them at home and/or bring a babysitter who can keep them in the foyer.